Going to the Bienal

September 8, 2010

The Bi-annual of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus is different from most recurring art events. This alternating yearly event jumps from capital to capital within the six participating countries.

Starting in Guatemala in 1998, the Central American Biennial has touched down successively in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, and Honduras. The 7th Bienal Artes Visuales del Istmo Centroamericano (BAVIC) is scheduled for November, 2010 in Managua, Nicaragua.

Originally conceived as the “Painting Biennial of the Central American Isthmus,” the event has evolved. It now encourages a wider focus to include sculpture, art object assembly, video art, animations, net art, artistic photography, etc. The six participating countries send two works by six vetted artists to the exhibition.

In all, 72 pieces of Central American contemporary works compete for the prizes valued at $ 8,000, $ 6,000 and $ 4,000.

The Biennial is sponsored by a group of Central American business people made up by: Bank Promerica from Honduras; Bank Promerica for Salvadorean art, El Salvador; Ortiz Gurdian Foundation from Nicaragua; The Paiz Foundation for education and culture from Guatemala; Entrepreneurs for art from Costa Rica and the Fernández Pirla Foundation from Panamá.

The winners who will participate in the VII BIVAC are:

Panama: Rachelle and José Manuel. Castrellón Mozman, Cochez Raquel, Maria Pilar Moreno , Claudia Lamboglia, Giovani Ramses.

San Salvador: Mauricio Esquivel, Walterio Iraheta, Simon Vega, Ernesto Bautista, Veronica Vides, the group composed of Melissa Guevara, Karen Estrada, Jaime Izaguirre, and Mauricio Esquivel Mauricio Kabistán

Nicaragua: Marcos Agudelo, Donaldo Altamirano, Patricia Belli, Jean Marc Calvet, Moses Mora, Patricia Villalobos

Guatamala: Regina Galindo, Jorge De Leon, Alberto Rodriguez, Manuel Chavajay, Alfredo Ceibal, Yasmin Hage

Costa Rica: Alexander Arias , Edgar Leon, Mauricio Miranda , Joaquín Rodríguez del Paso, Guillermo Vargas, Elena Wen Habakkuk

Since the BAVIC is all about contemporary art and artists, the emphasis is away from traditional art venues like paintings, printmaking and photography. Video, installation, conceptual and performance art are the innovative forms seen here at the Biennale.